Marketing Manager

This role is a leader position with decision making responsibility and accountability for the national and international marketing team of DGTL

  • DGTL
  • 26 sep. 2019
  • HBO
  • Fulltime
  • Cultuur / Recreatie / Toerisme

DGTL B.V. is part of the Apenkooi Group (the ‘Group’) – organizing several unique dance festivals, such as DGTL, Strafwerk, Amsterdam Open Air and Pleinvrees. We are thé organizer of festivals for the next generation. By always bringing new talent, the best artists and using our creativity while constantly seeking for innovations, we turn every festival into a true playground. A very important part of our vision is to organize festivals as sustainable as possible and try to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Making our visitors and our environment aware of what impact we make on society, is the way to keep it real for ourselves.

Marketing Manager

We are looking for a Marketing Manager DGTL. This role is a leader position with decision making responsibility and accountability for the national and international marketing team of DGTL. The core task of the Marketing Manager is leading and helping strengthen DGTL Global team and developing a strong market position of DGTL. You will report to the Marketing Director of the Group.

Specific responsibilities of the Marketing Manager:

  • End responsible for the creation, management and evaluation of integrated, long-term marketing strategies and corresponding planning for all DGTL events to ensure objectives and targets are met (upscale ticket sales, market share and overall growth and evolution of DGTL Global brand);
  • End responsible for the long-term vision and growth of all DGTL owned channels: website, app, streaming service channels, social channels;
  • Reporting development of marketing strategies to Marketing Director and optimising when necessary to achieve desired goals. In the case that an event is not achieving its projected targets, the Marketing Manager is responsible for flagging the matter to the Marketing Director and/or Management as soon as possible with suggestions for an alternative solution.
  • As ‘brand gatekeeper’, end responsible for the quality and accuracy of all global communications about DGTL including announcements (press releases), ticket information, line-up, accommodation and other important information shared through various channels (channels include DGTL website, email database, streaming service channels, social media accounts and outdoor).
  • End responsible for facilitating, managing and evaluating strategic media partnerships per event: streaming partners, merchandise, ticketing providers, tooling, media partners, PR agencies, lost and found software, accommodation/travel (including responsibility for closing budgets and reporting invoices to Project Lead)
  • End responsible for implementing and assessing Data and marketing intelligence strategy as well as CRM strategy for DGTL Global including tooling. Also end responsible for the collection, storage, usage, updating and safe-keeping of the data you collect from (potential) customers. This includes ensuring proper systems are in place to securely store data, regularly clearing email lists of inactive and opted-out contacts, as well as setting and communicating clear expectations about what you will do with data collected from customers.
  • Visitor evaluation per event: creating qualitative survey with Project Lead, circulating it, documenting and analysing the results which are relevant for marketing
  • Leading and helping strengthen DGTL marketing team in The Netherlands, consisting of three people, by tracking, nurturing and evaluating their professional and personal development whilst helping them achieve their individual goals.
  • End responsible for leading and supporting the foreign marketing teams in the countries DGTL will be organized such as Brazil, Chile, Spain, Israel and India. End responsible of determining capabilities of foreign marketing team at the beginning of a campaign and communicating this to Partner if not up to the standards of the DGTL brand.
  • End responsible for liaising with and steering foreign marketers to maintain quality and consistency of the DGTL brand and communications across all events, as well as to achieve targets and objectives.

Experience, Qualities, and Skills

  • HBO+ level of working and thinking
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in marketing/brand management role
  • Affinity with dance music/festivals
  • (Business) Marketing background
  • Strong knowledge of online marketing, digital media buying/planning, campaign strategy
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Ability to focus on both ground-level detail and long-term, larger strategy
  • Affinity with events
  • Experience in handling and managing budgets
  • Highly organised and confident in planning
  • Great communication skills
  • Analytic and strategic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Awareness of market trends and ability to innovate

If you think that your work ethic and unique skill set will be an asset to our organization, please send your application letter to r.vangroningen@apenkooi.com.